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Guardian Theory P2
(a.k.a Jennifer has been planning to use Stiles for the Guardian sacrifice since the beginning of Season 3)

  • In the second and third gifs, we learn not only that Stiles and Heather are virgins, but that Heather intends to lose her virginity to Stiles. Notice the way the camera follows Stiles and Heather through the gaps in the wine racks in the second gif. The combination of their movement with the still racks gives the sense of a fast pace (faster than it would probably appear without the contrast of the wine racks).

  • In the fourth gif, we see Stiles rushing out of the wine cellar to retrieve one of Heather’s brother’s condoms.

  • In the fifth gifs, we see Stiles frantically digging through drawers while Heather is terrorized by the Darach.

  • By the time Stiles returns in the eighth gif, Heather is already gone.

  • In the final gif, we see Stiles’ acceptance that he took too long, that Heather is gone (probably to find someone else to lose her virginity with). Notice the window behind him, how it eases closed. Why did the Darach do so? Most likely to prevent Stiles from suspecting foul play. But why is keeping Stiles in the dark so important?

I think the Darach has been stalking Stiles. The timing of Heather’s kidnapping was just too perfect. Everything about this scene suggested speed. Heather kisses Stiles immediately upon greeting and begins leading him to the wine cellar less than a minute later. She doesn’t waste time telling Stiles what she wants and he readily agrees.

Heather was celebrating her birthday party with a house full of guests, it would’ve been impossible to anticipate when she would be alone (unlike Mr. Harris or Deaton). Stiles’ movements were fast. The Darach would not have been able to use that window of opportunity unless it was watching.

The closing of the window in the final gif is suspicious because the Darach has shown little concern over leaving loose ends with the other victims: the virgin with the fear of bugs was taken despite the presence of her girl friend, the healer was taken from her car despite the fact that it left her vacant vehicle to crash into the hospital parking lot…

I think the reason the Darach put in more effort to conceal its presence from Stiles was because of its intention to use him as the final sacrifice.

I think that the Darach took Heather for two reasons: to use her as a sacrifice and to prevent Stiles from losing his virginity. Remember the placement of “Guardian” in the Celtic knot was in the middle, which suggests a merging of all of the other entities. I think that in order for the final sacrifice to work the way the Darach wants it to, the victim needs to possess all of the qualities. Stiles must, therefore, remain a virgin. (I’ll explore the Celtic knot shown in “The Girl Who Knew Too Much” in Part 4).

-3x02: Chaos Rising


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    I have a slight disagreement here. I don’t think it was the Darach themselves who takes the victims but her magic. We...
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    Which means that the Darach didn’t take the Sheriff to use as a sacrifice but to use as bait to draw stiles.
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