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Listeners, this just in: Dean Winchester, you know, the mechanic who works in the car lot near Old Woman Josie’s house? Well, he says that the angels (which we all know don’t exist) revealed themselves to him last night; said one of them had blue eyes, wore a dirty trench coat and helped him replace the tire on a ‘67 Chevy Impala. Apparently, other angels were there too, but they were (and I’m quoting here) “dicks.”


Night vale/SPN crossover! I’ve been wanting to do this since I listened to the first episode. 

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1. Sounds like Jeff doesn’t like Sterek OR Stydia. I’m not a Stydia fan, either, but it’s so interesting that he’s just shutting down the major ships. I’m honestly intrigued by the possibility of Lydia and Parrish, though.

2. I’m hearing so much subtle Jeff criticism lately - from the cast, from the writers. Any time there’s a complaint, it turns into a “please take that up with Jeff.” That phrase used to be said with more respect, I think. (Not that the actors are being overtly negative now - they’re still emphasizing the politeness factor - but it’s a pretty telling trend.) Holland’s been really unhappy about the lack of an Allison funeral, and that’s absolutely due to Jeff not wanting to write funerals or grief or any longterm emotional impact.

3. So Lydia doesn’t have many bonding scenes with Kira or Malia? So all those interviews talking about the female trio and ladypower this season were lies? Surprise.

4. Of course Jeff is finally coming back to livetweet during the coming episode. They’re trying really hard to pull back their ratings and get people to tweet/care about the show again. Sorry, it’s too late. I’m sure he’ll only answer the most inane questions, or all the “omg I love Malia and Liam!!” comments.

5. They wrote Danny out? THEY WROTE DANNY OUT???? So they literally took their ONLY GAY CHARACTER out of the show as soon as they cast a new gay lacrosse player? One token character out, one in. Are you fucking kidding me. I’m so astounded and surprised I’m even surprised.

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a muggleborn student gets called a mudblood, so they lick their hand and wipe it on the pureblood’s face, singing “got mud on your face, you big disgrace, somebody better put you back into your place”

all the muggleborns in the vicinity immediately go *STOMP STOMP CLAP* repeatedly gettting closer and closer to the pureblood

Are there any good fanfictions with muggleborn students trolling purebloods like this? Because I think this is something I need.

Stiles Stilinski’s life turns upside down after he’s bitten by a genetically modified spider and discovers that he has developed spider-like abilities. He doesn’t need his glasses anymore, his senses have become sharper, he can climb anything, and hey, becoming a captain of the lacrosse team is just a bonus. Unfortunately very soon Stiles finds out that it’s not all just fun and games.

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                     Write Real People
                    click and drag game

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I love all the click and drag games on Tumblr and after I read an article about diversity in YA books, I wanted to make a click and drag “game” myself. (i think this was the article, but i’m not sure, sorry)

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